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The Antonio on Calle Bergara is both a bar and a restaurant, a place to meet with friends, swop stories, share laughs, and celebrate special occasions. Freshly made pintxos are served at the bar, the most popular being our famous ‘Tortilla de patata’, ‘Antxoa’ (salt-marinated anchovy with green pepper on a slice of bread and olive oil), ‘Ravioli de langostino en salsa de Martini’ (prawn ravioli in Martini sauce), and ‘Crujiente de rabo de buey’ (oxtail wrapped in a crisp pastry), all three selected by Gipuzkoa’s Michelin-starred chefs to be included in the city’s ‘99 best pintxos’ app.

The restaurant is located on the lower ground floor, where chefs José Ramón Ezkurdia (veteran of kitchens at Akelarre, Panier Fleuri, Urepel) and Ana Uli (Gaztelu) create their menu based on seasonal cuisine using market-fresh ingredients.


Signature dishes include porcini mushrooms with egg yolk and foie gras, Atlantic bluefin tuna carpaccio, Wagyu carpaccio with parmesan and truffle oil, rice with Mediterranean red shrimps, and seasonal Atlantic bonito and truffle dishes.