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Hard work, quality and passion

Since we opened the first Antonio on Bergara Street on 16 May 1995, three concepts have guided our path to ensure our guests the best possible experience: dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients, combining them with love, and serving with a smile. Our efforts have been backed by a Repsol Guide ‘Solete’ (awarded to establishments that residents would recommend to a friend), brilliant reviews in Tripadvisor, and top rating in the Marcafi Guide TOP50 in Gipuzkoa and in the ‘99 Best Pintxos’ app.

Our philosophy

It’s not just the food and drink. The service must also be superb, making sure the customer is at the centre of the experience. We offer freshly made pintxos, and small- and large-plate dishes, placing the highest priority on excellence and fresh seasonal ingredients.

Two friends, one project

Humberto Segura and Ramón Elizalde: “We’re business partners, but above all, we’re friends. After a long track record in the world of hospitality, in 1995 we decided to take the plunge and start our own project. When we heard that the original owner of the Antonio was retiring, we took over the business, a landmark establishment in the city centre.

A wine for every occasion. A wine for every palate.

At Antonio, wine is the star of the show. Our wine list features a wide and carefully selected range of wines from the most distinguished Spanish and international wine-growing regions. Sparkling wines, whites, rosés, reds, sweet wines ... A great meal deserves to be paired with great wines.

A bit of history

Antonio Bergara 3

And so our story begins... After a bit of remodelling, the new Antonio opened its doors on 16 May 1995. We took over what was a long-standing San Sebastian establishment, dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience built on hard work and determination. Since then, the Antonio family has continued to grow.

Restaurant and chef

In 2000, the Antonio underwent another renovation, this time incorporating a dining room on the lower floor and bringing chef Iñigo Tello from the Zuberoa restaurant on board. In 2012, chef José Ramón Ezkurdia, formerly with the legendary Urepel restaurant, took over the kitchen. Today Ana Uli joins José Ramón at the helm.

San Martín Market

Since 2005, we have also been running two cafés next to the San Martín Market. Located in the adjacent passageway, the SM Café Bar and Centro Café are ideal for a break from shopping anytime from breakfast to dinner.

Antonio Boulevard

On May 30, 2022, we opened our new venue, the Antonio Boulevard, in a prime location on the corner of the Boulevard and Calle Mayor at the edge of the city’s Old Town. In keeping with the Antonio philosophy, we offer a new concept, featuring a menu that combines classic Antonio favourites with new dishes. We look forward to serving you at our bar, restaurant or on our spacious outdoor terrace.

Real Sociedad: go ‘txuri urdin’

Our ties with the Real Sociedad football club go back a long way. We feel the colours (txuri urdin means ‘white & blue’ in Basque) as much as anyone and share the joys (many) and defeats (few) with all our customers. Antonio’s was where the Real Sociedad’s anthem, ‘Txuri-urdin’, was played for the first time by its composer, Ricardo Sabadie. In the past, tickets for matches were also sold at the bar. A poster advertising ticket sales still hangs on the wall. Club members, fans and even the directors and players often gather at the Antonio.

The city: we are ‘Donostiarras’

Our DNA is 100% San Sebastian. We are what we are because we’re from where we’re from. We are proud to be part of the life of this city. Since 1990, our own 170-member ‘tamborrada’ drum brigade sets off at 2 a.m. on January 22nd, San Sebastian’s feast day, to march through the streets of the city centre.


With two venues in the city centre, our clientele is as loyal as it is varied: workers from nearby offices and businesses, people coming to the centre to shop, residents, tourists … Everyone is welcome at the Antonio – our aim is to make them feel at home.